Old Hall Drive, Bradwell, Newcastle, Staffordshire ST5 8RQ



360° Care

Those best equipped to provide care, are caring people

It comes as no surprise that we have a thorough selection procedure to ensure our staff members are of the highest calibre. Each member of our team is heavily referenced and must possess the sunny disposition that makes them pleasant, polite and able to build friendly rapport with residents in the long-term.

All employees undergo regular training that is in-line with national regulations, as well as our own bespoke training in skills and awareness that we think will develop our team as caring individuals.

Quality care, without interruption 

We operate a secure IT system to store residents' information, from care plans and medical needs right through to the smallest detail of food preference, activities, feelings and experiences on a day to day basis. 

The system means there is information readily available and continuity when one member of staff finishes work for the day and another begins. This is crucial in order to provide consistent quality care and to remove any frustrations amongst residents. 

Care development 

When residents first join us, we make sure that we find out as much about them as possible, to ease their transition. This means speaking to them, friends and family, GPs and past care homes, if applicable. 

We arrange an appointment with our medical coordinator who carries out an assessment of needs, recording important information like weight, blood pressure, fluid balance and so on. With this information, a doctor will conduct a medical visit, then our staff can collaborate with the individual to decide upon their care plan, allowing them to decide how they want to be cared for. 

Based on constant feedback and subtle monitoring, care plans develop in-line with the needs of the individual and we are fully equipped to adapt and maintain the best standards of living, regardless of any changes. 


Doctors visit Bradwell to conduct rounds at least 3 times a week. They oversee the treatment of any medical conditions and offer a GP service to any residents, if needed.

Clinical leads

Qualified to a high medical standard, they coordinate care plans and any medical issues. They are an on-site source of medical information for nurses and care workers at all times.

Experienced Nurses

Experienced nurses Understand the differing needs of residents. Our nurses are able to provide the medical care and checks required on a daily basis. They are vigilant, empathetic and listen to the needs of residents.